On drafting a Fool’s Manifesto for Modern Times

I can’t or won’t, and I can and will.

I can’t or won’t:

  • accept that the whole joint is going down the shitter;
  • see the world through one lens, be it race, class, gender, political affiliation, religion, ethnicity, or football code;
  • lose my humour;
  • plead guilty to the crimes of others;
  • forget about history and beauty;
  • constantly filter out any frailties or doubts;
  • keep poking my own wounds with through bad choices and inauthentic relationships;
  • pretend that any music after 1986 is worth listening to, or;
  • always cross the street on the green light.

I can and will:

  • admit that I know very little;
  • continue to laugh at myself and my world;
  • put pen to paper to make some sense of stuff and provide solace to self;
  • only give advice when asked for it;
  • desperately resist the digital vortex;
  • go bush;
  • see the world in kaleidoscopic terms for all its diversity and complexity;
  • try to listen and lead;
  • let go and let God;
  • continue to suffer with the New York Mets;
  • sit on a grass hill in the sun at Henson Park, drinking beer with family and friends, and hoping the Newtown Jets win while not caring about the score;
  • think aloud and cop criticism for it;
  • be inspired by brave limitless peers;
  • work for folks and causes who may not be as well off and that I’m placed to help;
  • defend the Constitution, and love my adopted country and respect it’s first people;
  • reinvent myself a lot for both the right and wrong reasons;
  • seek the grace in others with curiousity and compassion – and stuff it up a million times along the way;
  • hold my kin close, and;
  • always move forward.

Sworn on this day in a Kyiv cafe by Fool-in-Chief.

One thought on “On drafting a Fool’s Manifesto for Modern Times

  1. Beautufully said. And me thinks very relevant in a world of which these past months I have truly despaired.
    I hope this inspires many more to write such a manifesto.
    You are more wise than fool, my friend. Xoxo


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